About Me, Lorna Turner

In my professional practice, I choose to wear many hats: graphic designer, educator and experimental artist, while not leaving out problem solver/ researcher. I actively put myself in environments where I can gain knowledge on shifting trends by collaborating with influencers and innovators.

Since receiving my Masters Degree in the School of Communication, from the Royal College of Art, I have been working for many diverse companies where my projects range from print design, screen-based media and environmental design solutions. The goal is to help the client get their message out in a clear and concise manner. Working in startup environments to established businesses, I have worked to fulfill each clients’ visual positioning from identity design (branding), interface design and printed marketing materials, depending on their individual requirements.

With clear communication skills and a strong deadline orientation, I understand how to get results under strict timelines. In my practice, I have managed teams of creatives as well as outside vendors while never losing focus of the bigger picture at hand.


I also keep on my toes by teaching at Otis College of Art and Design in their Continuing Education department. Teaching to new students continually reminds me of the basic principles of graphic design one needs to possess to be a viable asset to a design team. I am very fortunate to step away from the pixels to teach a weekly course in the art of screen-printing, which offers the renewal of the very important hand skills.

As an avid explorer and a ‘Curious George,’ I have journeyed to many countries looking into the lives of other cultures, which is reflected in my work.

For further information, please reach out at iamlornaturner@gmail.com. I look to discuss all potential opportunities. Cheers!



Why did you move to California? 
I was living/working in Camden, Maine, where I met the talented April Greiman, at a workshop; months later I was in my Diesel VW Rabbit, packed to the brim, driving to Los Angeles.

What is your favorite typeface?
I tend to gravitate toward the Grotesque (san-serif) typefaces, I favor them in letterpress projects.

What skill would you want to improve upon? 
Hand-lettering, drawing letterforms, I practice while attending lectures

How do you find inspiration or recharge the creative battery?
Fitness classes, hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, visiting museums or any cultural happening, really. The more opposite the subject from graphic design the better. I once tried to start a group with my friends called the Culture School for Girls (CSG), but our individual schedules seem to get in the best of us.

What’s up with being a ‘Curious George?’
I really enjoy learning, perhaps that is why I teach. Bananas are yummy and that monkey is kind of cute, with a flare of mischievous acts.